Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Volume 2: Easy Assymetrical Bun

Assymetrical designs were a big trend for 2009 like Heidi Klum's dress shown above (, so why not top off the year with an easy assymetrical updo.  This style looks great paired with an assymetrical top or dress (with the bun being over the bare shoulder). Director Bryan Bisson demonstrates how to get this look at home. Bryan has worked with Bobby for over 5 years and loves doing multi-dimentional color, long layers, and short sexy haircuts. To book an appointment with Bryan call us at 317-251-5000.

1) Begin with "dirty" hair or curls that were done the day before.  Kricia curled her hair like Kate Hudson's hair (click here to see how).

2) Tease hair at the crown to add volume

3) Finger rake the hair back into a side ponytail. Keep it messy and tousled looking and secure with an elastic.

4) Seperate pieces and tease each piece, then pin until bun is complete.

5) Spray with hairspray and cheers to a new year!


  1. This is really lovely. Makes me feel like she's part of a romance movie circa 1900.

  2. I'm a bit of a blogger myself, and gave your new blog a little plug over at my place. Of course, being Korie's mom, I "connected" it to her. You may see it here:

  3. Bryan, I did this to my hair for new years! It looked super cute, I'll post a picture if I have one :) Keep the tips coming!

  4. Keetha, that's great! Thank you!

    Natalie, please send me pics at! We'd love to see what you did :)